Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First post of 2009

I thought I would introduce you all to the beauty that is Northern Colorado in the winter. I would never profess myself to be a photographer but I find the most amazing beauty here. When it gets really cold the water molecules in the air freeze and settle on the plants. The result are trees and bushes that look like they are completely made of ice. Christmas Eve morning I got off work and walked out of the hospital to a landscape that was covered in this crystal white shimmer. It looked like every tree and bush was covered in glitter. As beautiful as it was, it was also very very COLD but I managed to get out my cell phone and snap some pictures of the area. I still love the snow. Not the dirty driven on, shoveled to the side snow but the fresh, void of any footprints kind that looks like fluffy cotton. I guess I haven't lived here long enough to hate it. I can't imagine myself ever hating it as a matter of fact.

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